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5 Minute-Second Day Hair Tutorial

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

We've all had those days where you snoozed your alarm too many times, barely had time to shower, spilled coffee on yourself, and was running out the door like a maniac...Am I right?! Here's a quick and easy 5 minute "do" that ANYONE can throw in on those second day "didn't have time to wash my hair" days! :)

Even my short hair/pixie girls, as long as you have a couple inches of length on top, you can always do a version of this! Have fun with it!

Start by brushing out your hair for a fresh slate. I used Matrix's Indian Argan Oil as heat protection and to smooth any frizzies down and then Design.Me's Puff Me to add a little texture. (Remember to always purchase your products from a salon professional otherwise they are NOT authentic!)

Section your hair into 3's and begin your french braid until you reach the crown of your hair and fasten with a ponytail. I pulled a few pieces out on the sides of my braid to make sure it was even and to create more texture. Tease the heck out of your ponytail and wrap it in a circle to create your bun and that's it!

Hair play is my go-to wax for any length of hair. It's workable and can be used in wet or dry hair to mold into shape.

I finished the style by running a flat iron through my ends and using the KMS Hair Play messing creme to smooth and piece them out...


More tutorials to come!

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