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Bangs! Bangs! Bangs!

Love them or hate them, we've all gone to the salon and were dead set on getting bangs...just to come home and be like, "now what...". This trusty technique is going to be your new best friend! It will help you style ALL face framing layers, side swept bangs, and basically any sort of fringe you have to save you from the dreaded "what do I do with these?!" phase.

FIRST THINGS FIRST- Can we all take a look at that blow dryer?! But seriously...Don't judge me on this blow dryer. I've owned it since high school and it's been with me through thick and thin. It just won't seem to die! Nevertheless, I DO NOT use this in the salon!

When doing any blow dry style, it helps to wait until your hair is 80% dry before going in with the brush, otherwise you spend more time blow drying to get the moisture out. And lets be real, by then you're sweating and your arms hurt!

I first start by applying the Matrix Egyptian Hibiscus Oil to the ends of my hair for added heat and color protection and to help smooth frizzies. (If you have naturally oily hair, make sure to only apply mid strand to ends, NOT at the root) You can always use clips to section if that helps, but when I'm on the go, I've gotten pretty good at just sectioning my hair out of the way by flipping my head from side to side. Here I am using a 2" ceramic round brush for my longer face framing layers, but for shorter side swept bangs I would go in with a 1-1 1/2".

Start by placing your hair in front of the round brush and pull all of your hair forward blow drying down to keep your hair's cuticle smooth. I work my way around my hairline, pulling everything forward in order to create that nice swooping effect. When dry, put your blow dryer on the cool setting and give it a shot all over to set in the style and add extra shine!

Girl, you can do it! Practice makes perfect with any round brushing technique, but you've totally got this!

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