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How To Curl Your Hair Like A Pro

Believe it or not, this is the number one question I get asked in the salon..."How do you get your hair curled like that?" Or when consulting on how a client typically styles their hair I get the, "I don't really know how to curl my hair so I just...don't." YOU GUYS. This is not OK, and I'm determined to create a world where everyone knows how to get salon ready curls.

Please remember, when using ANY hot tool your hair must be completely dry first... You'd seriously be surprised how often I hear of people still using those Wet to Straight flat irons...

Start by sectioning your hair into two sections. I used a heat protectant spray before I blew dry, but you can definitely spray again before curling!

*Hot Tip*

Try not to curl too much. Too small of sections can make curls look too perfect (unless you're going to a formal event where that look is necessary).

Curling your hair away from the face on each side, grab strips of hair all the way around your head. Now I get the back is hard, but honestly, just pick a spot and switch directions and it will all blend in the end. I'm using the Paul Mitchell 1" curling iron which I will link below!

Also... Once you master curling, try leaving out the last inch and a half of your hair from the iron. This helps create that beachy effect.

Drop down the top section of your hair and continue curling the exact same as the bottom. Around my face, I like to do a 'barely there' curl to keep the style soft and flowy. This is just a one time bend around the iron-enough to blend the front without making it really curly.

If you're feeling fancy and have a bit of time...take a couple small sections around your part and make tighter curls. This adds a little texture and volume. I literally only make like 6 curls around my part.

Use a medium hold hairspray and comb your fingers through your curls to separate and loosen the style andddd


Send me any questions you have, but I hope this helps make your curling less stressful! Practice always makes perfect! I can't wait to see all these gorgeous waves in my chair soon!



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